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    Goals, ideas, etc

    So I’m sitting here watching Joel at the first Baseball training of the year... its bloody hot. And truth be told I’m a little bored!! 

    So, deciding I may as well be productive, I’ve decided to come up with a plan of attack for 2019.. 

    2018 wasn’t a great year for me. It started off with a crushed foot and 2 months off my feet and consequently not being able to work. I don’t think I financially recovered all year. In the middle of a legal settlement with my Ex, which has yet to be resolved, and my hot water system exploded late last year, resulting in a flooded lounge room, walls being ripped out and a whole new floor being put in!! Which is nearly finished! Yay!!! 

    Do I’ve decided 2019 is going to be my year to shine ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    I’d really like to get a bit more creative with my cakes... using wafer paper more, and creating more textures. I’m much more comfortable with fondant, but I do love the current buttercream trend, and I’m sure that’s going to be around for some time yet...  I also want to match cakes with cookies more, I do love cookies ๐Ÿ˜˜ 

    And I really need to put myself out there more, be more confident, quote more confidently, and know my worth! I love the saying “I’m not too expensive. You just can’t afford me”

    That sounds like the name of my next post ๐Ÿค”


    So I finally joined the 21st century

    Yep... Its true! 

    I actually joined Instagram... I'm still trying to get me head around it, and trying to convince myself that using hashtags is not completely lame, but a necessity in sharing!

    But it's more than just cakes.... actually it's not much about cake at all....

    It's really a reflection of me - what I love, what I love doing and and a way for me to be a bit more creative.

    Kinda like a snapshot into my life :)







    Have a very sweet Christmas

    So I admit, I have been so slack this year in keeping up with this blog :( 

    But I have had my bakers mitts on recently, and would love to share my sweets with you.

    Firstly is mine and Joel's gingerbread house. I was invited to an amazing friend's house for a gingerbread house making session. She had the whole setup....lollies, icing, gift wrap, and plenty of wine...the perfect combination!!
    We had an awesome night, with 7 lovely ladies  (no husbands and no babies!) 

    Amazingly there was heaps of lollies left at the end of the evening, so Joel was invited back over during the week to join her 3 children  in decorating their own house...Oh what fun!!! The concentration levels were high, enjoyment factor a ten,  and, for 3,4, and 5 year olds they were soooo good, no eating any till they had completed their house... and then they could have 5 each..We seriously have such good children. 


    A sweet little teddy

    I was asked the other day to make a pretty plaque for a christening cake for a sweet little girl named Mabel.

    Her mum also wanted something to sit beside the cake, on the stand.

    So a little teddy seemed appropriate, maybe a little larger then normal, but i just didn't want her to look lost sitting against a big cake.

    Next time I might add some sort of necklace, or cross around her neck, she kinda needs something to break up the pink....


    I had found these great old wooden trays at a local furniture shop and had was looking forward to trying them out, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity.






    Add my wonderful photographer husband and I had some lovely pictures of my latest project.



    Pretty pictures

    I simply must share my new cake stand I received for Christmas. 

    It was a present from my brother and sister-in-law, and I love it!!  





    So Joel and I had a fun day of baking, and my hubby had a fun evening of taking photos.. Truely a family affair!