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    School days

    I was sorting out some cupboards the other day and found an old assignment from my yr 9 home science class.

    It was a book we had to write on home hints.

     I thought I would share a couple....

    # Cakes will remain moist if stored in an airtight container with an apple.

    # Freshen a withered lettuce by soaking it in plenty of cold water with a stainless steel knife.

    # Ice blocks will freeze more quickly if you fill the tray with warm water.

    # A goose should be plucked and hung for a day or two before gutting and freezing it.

    # Eggs will keep for at least three months if rubbed with Vaseline , keep in a cool place.

    # Place a couple of lumps of sugar in with the cheese in a plastic container in the fridge. This will keep the cheese mould free.

    There was plenty more, but these were the most bizarre!!

    Need I add a huge disclaimer that I have not actually put any of these into practice...

    I even finished my book with a little poetry, my version of teenage culture I guess..

    I didn't have potato, so I substituted rice.

    I didn't have paprika, so I used another spice.

    I didn't have tomato sauce, so I used tomato paste.

    A whole can, not half a can..I don't believe in waste.

    A friend gave me the recipe, 

    She said you couldn't beat it.

    There must be something wrong with her,

    I couldn't even eat it!!


    I think my teacher liked it...

    I received the comment, nichole, you have made a huge effort, congratulations! 23.9.91 

    Too funny!!

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