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    Y for Yummo

    I have to share with you some little sweets i made for an anniversary party.

    I wanted to try some new decided on white chocolate and caramel slice, chocolate, macadamia and raspberry brownies, and macroons. 

    And my son's response..."yummo!"









    School days

    I was sorting out some cupboards the other day and found an old assignment from my yr 9 home science class.

    It was a book we had to write on home hints.

     I thought I would share a couple....

    # Cakes will remain moist if stored in an airtight container with an apple.

    # Freshen a withered lettuce by soaking it in plenty of cold water with a stainless steel knife.

    # Ice blocks will freeze more quickly if you fill the tray with warm water.

    # A goose should be plucked and hung for a day or two before gutting and freezing it.

    # Eggs will keep for at least three months if rubbed with Vaseline , keep in a cool place.

    # Place a couple of lumps of sugar in with the cheese in a plastic container in the fridge. This will keep the cheese mould free.

    There was plenty more, but these were the most bizarre!!

    Need I add a huge disclaimer that I have not actually put any of these into practice...

    I even finished my book with a little poetry, my version of teenage culture I guess..

    I didn't have potato, so I substituted rice.

    I didn't have paprika, so I used another spice.

    I didn't have tomato sauce, so I used tomato paste.

    A whole can, not half a can..I don't believe in waste.

    A friend gave me the recipe, 

    She said you couldn't beat it.

    There must be something wrong with her,

    I couldn't even eat it!!


    I think my teacher liked it...

    I received the comment, nichole, you have made a huge effort, congratulations! 23.9.91 

    Too funny!!


    Caramel Cheesecake Slice.....

    All i can say is i love my new WW cookbook "little squares and slices"

    The photography is fabulous, and the recipes sound delicious.

    So i thought i might start trying them out,  you know..research!!

    These are my first venture, Caramel cheesecake slice. 

    And yay, they scored a big fat 10 with all my taste testers (hubby and son).


    Mmmm..cake pops...

    I have found my new favorite thing...cake pops!!!

    When I was asked to make some for a morning tea I couldn't be happier.

    So, i baked a mud cake, cooled it down, and then blitzed the whole thing in a food processor till it had crumbled.

    Then I added a heap of chocolate ganache ( and a drop of peppermint essence), and mixed it all together.
    Next, I rolled them into 15 gram balls and popped them in the fridge to firm up.


    Meanwhile, I melted some chocolate, and added a little copha to thin it down. (candy melts work well here to...but are a lot more expensive)

    Then we dip the end of the lollypop stick into some chocolate and push about halfway into our ball, being very very straight, as even the slightest lean will spoil the effect...

    Pop back in the fridge and let set again.

    Once set, dip them in the melted chocolate mix, drip off excess, then push into styrofoam box.

    Let them set again,,,then time to decorate!

    It's a little time-comsuming, and a little delicate, but definately worth the effort!!!




    Planet cake 103

    Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend my third course at planet cake.

    This was my idea of a good time!

    I kinda know the format by now...the " hi, my name is" speech, followed by teacher bio, then into it!
    Well, all my practice has payed off, and I am finally getting the hang of ganaching and covering square cakes!

    My favorite part of the day was definitely making my magnolia flower.
    First time using wired flowers and I am hooked! Loved it and can't wait to try more.

    Thanks to my teacher Jessica, who was brilliant and fun all at the same time..and my fellow cake loving girls for making the weekend so enjoyable..see you next time:)