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    The adventure begins...

    I have to say that my first 'real' cake was definitely my son Joel's first birthday cake. I had an old cake decorating book and there was a picture of a kite with a face made out of fondant icing. So off to coles for supplies, many hours and many tears later a first birthday cake was accomplished!!

    So what did I learn....

    Things that seem easy still take forever.......allow way more time than you think you need,
    Smarties definitely come in handy for things such as buttons and eyes,
    Red and black are very hard colours to mix into fondant, you need to add icing sugar,
    And no matter how the final product looks, everyone will love it!!!

    Because ultimately what counts is how it tastes. I made the Womans Weekly Cookbook(WWC) white chocolate mud cake, and also the WWC dark choc mud cake. I then sliced them in half, and layered them for the cake. I have to admit when I cut it open, it looked very impressive.

    So even though I could see all my faults, the lumps and bumps etc, the main thing is that it tasted yummy and that I had made the effort.

    That was really my only time using marzipan as a first layer. Straight after, I purchased the Planet Cake cookbook, and discovered a whole new world of ganache. This was a chocoholics dream!! It's so much tastier than marzipan, and provides a great platform for the fondant.

    We had a great birthday party, Joel enjoyed his cake, and I got to try something new.

    Now it was on to bigger and better things.....


    All Photos © Michael Tristram Photography



    Hi. My name is Nichole, and welcome to my blog!

    I have a wonderful husband, and an adorable 3 year old who I seem to spend most of my time chasing after...but when I'm not, you can usually find me doing what I love...baking and decorating cakes!

    In this site, I will be talking about baking, not just cakes but all things sweet, decorating styles,  ideas, (and disasters!)

    So to where it all began..

    I have always loved cooking and I am a chef by trade, now just working a couple of shifts so I can look after my little boy. I have always loved making desserts, at work and at home, and definitely have a major sweet tooth!

    When my son turned one it was all about the cake. Expectations were high, and I felt the pressure!! When I started having a more serious look at cakes and decorations I knew this was something I wanted to pursue.

    So follow my stories and adventures in baking..ask questions and feel free to comment on anything.. I can't wait to share my experiences with you!!

    All Photos © Michael Tristram Photography 
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